Couples reflowering

Longing for new and solid trust in your intimate love life as a couple and seeking short time help for reflowering purposes in Amsterdam? 

“You’re not the only ones”, say Ben and Mary after having been with Anna for half a day of lessons in lovemaking.

“We married in December, and spent our honeymoon in Amsterdam …what a trip!

We found out so much about each other! We felt so much love for each other after our wedding that we agreed to try to find a way to enrich our relationship. Lessons in lovemaking, essentially. 

It turned out it was really hard to find something for couples… because it didn’t exist! But thankfully we came into contact with Aquarion and so with Anna who put us at ease right from the first phone call … it was the way she described it as a “beautiful wedding gift to each other” that let us know that we had found the right person.

If you’re a newlywed couple, it’s hard to imagine what it’s like to allow someone into the bedroom with you and to let them guide you in this way. Neither of us knew quite what to expect. We’re a typically reserved English couple, so we were very nervous before. But what followed was the most amazing session, during which she showed us what it really means to be intimate with someone you care about, and what making love really is. 

I’ve used the term lovemaking here because that is exactly how Anna framed it. We were made to feel so comfortable in celebrating our love, that we each shared in something beautiful that we just wouldn’t have without this coach.

What we learned about one another, about intimacy, and pleasure has caused an already great relationship to blossom. We’re so much closer to this gift we gave to each other. We’re more open with each other, we talk about and indulge each other in our fantasies, and we make time for intimacy.

If you are a couple who are considering this, all we can say is it might seem like you know everything about each other, but Anna helps you realize what there is still to discover. Trust us, we know you’ll be left with a thrill of excitement at the world of adventure there is ahead of you both.”

Note: the names of the persons involved have been changed, the story itself is completely authentic.

Don’t underestimate reflowering.

You will lose anxiety, shame, discomfort, hiding. You will gain love’s spontaneity and depth.